Blowin’ Smoke Relocated

Blowin’ Smoke has moved locations and is now open becoming an instant neighborhood Cantina favorite. With no advertising at all about their re-opening people find themself walking in to have a meal at this great outdoor location. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to realize this place was open and serving to the public, being that I only live a few blocks away and pass by almost on a daily basis.

I make my way over to notice the nicely remodeled location with art on the floor, new comfortable patio furniture and a local band playing music. As I am looking through the menu everything sounds appetising, from the sliders to the tacos and many items in the appetizer menu, so what do I do, I order a nice sample of the menu so I can get a good idea for each dish.

Because you can’t have BBQ without beer, of course I order a beer and decide ont eh pulled pork sliders and a fish taco. To my disappointment they were out of pulled pork. I didn’t think this was a big deal because they had just opened and it is very easy to miscalculates during your first few days. I went ahead and ordered the Brisket slider instead.

The food took a while to get back to us, I was very glad to have ordered a beer and the queso with chorizo dip as an appetizer. Finally, our food get there and it is really good, great sliders very well-flavored brisket and the fish tacos are nicely enhances with simple and fresh ingredients such as pineapple salsa. I finished the two in no time seriously considering ordering more but did not because I knew I’d have to wait a long time for it to arrive and so decided not too.

Being well aware that the first few days of opening a restaurant are going to have a few kinks to work though I decided to go back a week later to try the rest of the menu and hoping they had not run out of pulled pork.

it was evident that the word had gone around about Blowin’ Smokes new location, arriving at the restaurant there was a wait to get seated of about 30-45 minutes, which is never a problem because time seems to fly when you are with a good group of people, and I was.

Once seated the first thing I asked is, “does the kitchen have pulled pork this evening?” and yes they did. We decided to have pulled pork sliders, a Smoked poblano pepper, queso dip with chorizo (yes, again) a few tacos, and the flintstone rib.

The first thing to arrive to the table was the queso dip, but it unfortunately arrived with out the chorizo. The waiter was notified of the mistake but some where along other tables and orders he never remembered to bring back the correct order, and so we had to settle and eat out queso dip without chorizo.

The Smoked poblano Pepper took a while longer to arrive after our first appetizer, once it arrived it was cold. I am sure that if the pepper would arrive warm to the table it would be a wonderful appetizer since it has great ingredients, stuffed with smoked pork, and queso fresco but we all know that with such ingredients the temperature really does matter.

It takes some time but rest of the food arrives. The flintstone beef rib is HUGE it can easily be shared by two people. Its flavor was smoked and it was very tender, very juice, a very good rib.

All in all my 3 experiences in this place was a bit disappointing, although the food is great when it arrives toy our table warm. The food does take longer than usual to get to your table, same issue with the drinks. Will I try this place again? Yes, hoping the restaurant flow improves.


1611 Habersham Street (formerly Sol).

 Open from 11am to 11pm daily.

Phone: 912-231-2385



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