Great start to a Sunday-Funday

B. Matthew’s Eatery

There is something about this place, perhaps its the great good offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner, combined with the decor, great ambiance and great service but I just can’t see to eat here enough.

The unique ambiance of this restaurant comes from the ship parts used to build this building. Through out the walls you will see exposed brick with wooden floors and dim lighting that create and intimate feel.


Sunday Brunch is very popular here and do not be surprised to have to wait up to an hour for a table, however everything always flows smoothly and reservations are taken which I would recommend especially on a Sunday.

Although told the wait time was about 45 minutes it really was about 25 and we were seated and greeted by our lovely waitress.

I was in a really good mood and decided to have black coffee with a shot of Bailey’s (have you ever? If not you definitely must.) it does not only wake you up but it does it in such a nice slow, relaxing way. If coffee is not your wake up method on this Sunday Funday, there is a wide selection of drinks one can choose from as B. Matthews has a full bar and plenty of choices.


There are so many things that sound delicious in this menu and I was fortunate enough to sample at least three.

Eggs Benedict ($8.50) with a made-from-scratch biscuit, ham, poached eggs, mornay sauce; served with fresh, seasonal fruit.  The biscuit crumbled just right and all the  ingredients were fresh and in season.


Mayme’s Omelette ($8.25)  spinach, goat cheese and tomatoes, served with grits  and fresh, seasonal fruit.


Apple, Walnut and Bourbon Chutney Waffle ($9.00)  fresh, seasonal fruit, choice of bacon, ham or sausage


As you can see, finishing this was not difficult at all.



No matter what you decide to order in this great restaurant you wont go wrong. All items are delicious, I highly recommend it.


B. Matthew’s Eatery

325 E Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401

Phone:(912) 233-1319


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