The Distillery. Just Craft

As you walking in, the music on the back ground is classic with great up beat tempo and guaranteed to make you sing along as you toast to the memories of when you first heard that song. The energy in this place is that of a distillery, with high spirits, many laughs and endless substance.



The drink selection does not fall short and it has something for every taste, from Beer on tap and bottle to a wine selection and even a full liquor bar.


The food menu offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers.  The appetizers are a great paring to having with beer from Southern-Size hot wings to Alligator tail and Hummus ($6-$13)


In the sandwich section you will find options from fresh fish and shrimp to marinated pork or greens and tomatoes for the vegetarian ($6.5-$15)


In the burger menu section you will find options such as mushrooms and provolone cheese to the more traditional bacon with lettuce and tomato. ($6.5-$15)



However is you ask me, the best way to enjoy this place is to order a beer while looking through the menu. Choose an appetizer or two and a sandwich or burger. If you cant decide on a beer, try the sample and sing along to the song that is playing. Chances are you know the words.



The Distillery
416 W Liberty St,
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone:(912) 236-1772

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