King and I A Drive Worth Making

A very special spot in the heart of midtown savannah. A little out of the way (15 min at most) for those who love and mostly dine downtown, but very much worth the drive.


It is located on the corner of a shopping strip area and if you have not heard about it from someone who knows about this place you would probably pass it without a second look but  you can smell the great food cooking from the parking lot.


Stepping into the restaurant the ambiance immediately transforms with red walls and gold accents throughout. Dim lights and great music. The center of the restaurant  has an exotic aquarium that can be visible from all angles and the kitchen is located right behind it.



The staff is very friendly and attentive from the moment you walk in assisting you in seating and providing you with menus.


I have a few favorite flavorful items on the menu that never seem to let me down. For starters the Summer Rolls, wrapped in light rice paper made fresh to order with shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, thin noodles and cilantro. These are served with peanut sauce and it is just delicious.


Beef Satay, is a famous Thai BBQ marinated in a house sauce, served with cucumber salad and house special peanut sauce that is different from that served with the Summer Rolls, but just as good. These Beef Satay just melts right off the skewer once they arrive to the table be sure to eat them while they are hot.


Num Tok (Beef salad) Charcoal grilled steak sliced thin, mixed with cucumber. onion and chilli peppers. This is a simple and light salad with a very powerful delicious combination that adds an amazing flavour to every bite.


The Tom Yum Prawn or Seafood (your choice) soup is spectacular. With lemon grass, lime juice, tomatoes, mushrooms, and kaffir lime leaves. It will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.


This place is great for an intimate dinner but don’t pass it up if you’re considering a dinner with friends and they can accommodate all. What ever the occasion it is a, must dine.


King and I

7098 Hodgson Memorial Drive
Savannah, GA 31406
(912) 355-2100

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