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 7805 Abercorn St Ste 26,Savannah, GA 31406


 Mon–Thu 11:00 AM–11:00 PM

Welcome to Chilis Grill & Bar -- a place where you can spend time with your friends, your family, the ones you love the most.

Main Menu

For the Table

Honey-Chipotle Crispers® & Waffles$6.29
Loaded White Queso$7.29
Crispy Asparagus$6.59
Fried Pickles$5.39
Crispy Cheddar Bites$6.39
Southwestern Eggrolls$8.69
Texas Cheese Fries (Not On to Go Menu)$8.39
Classic Nachos (Not On to Go Menu)$8.59
Bottomless Tostada Chips ("Tostada Chips" Only On to Go Menu)$3.79
Margherita Flatbread$8.59
California Grilled Chicken Flatbread$9.69
Chipotle Chicken Flatbread$9.49
Fresh Guacamole$5.29
Skillet Queso$6.39
White Spinach Queso$7.19
Tableside Guacamole (Not On to Go Menu)$8.29
Spiced Panko Onion Rings$6.39


Signature Wings$9.69
Loaded Boneless Wings$9.89
Boneless Wings$17.00
Bone- in Wings$17.00

Wing Flavors

Fiery PepperMarket Price
Honey-ChipotleMarket Price
BuffaloMarket Price
Smoked Wings - Bone-in OnlyMarket Price

Triple Dipper™

Crispy Cheddar BitesMarket Price
Fried Pickles (Not On to Go Menu)Market Price
Big Mouth® BitesMarket Price
Southwestern EggrollsMarket Price
Original Chicken Crispers®Market Price
Boneless Wings - Fiery PepperMarket Price
Boneless Wings - BuffaloMarket Price
Boneless Wings - Honey-ChipotleMarket Price
Honey-Chipotle Chicken CrispersMarket Price
Spiced Panko Onion RingsMarket Price

Soups, Chili & Salads


Chicken Enchilada Soup$4.49
Loaded Baked Potato Soup$4.49
New England Clam ChowderMarket Price
Terlingua Chili$5.29
Bottomless Chips, Soup & Salad (Not On to Go Menu)$7.19

Chili Or Soup & Salad

Chili & Salad$7.69
Soup & Salad$6.99
Pdi North Only: Chili, Chowder Or Soup & SaladMarket Price
Pdi South Only: Chili Or Soup & SaladMarket Price
Chowder & Salad (Pdi North Locations Only)Market Price


Santa Fe Crispers® - Salad$10.39
Caribbean Salad$10.89
Quesadilla Explosion Salad$10.89
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.99

Side Salads

Fresco Salad$3.89
House Salad$3.89
Quinoa (Keen-Wah)Market Price


California Turkey Club$9.29
Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich$9.49
Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.19

Craft Burgers

Grass-Fed Sunrise Burger*$11.39
Ultimate Bacon Burger*$11.39
Southern Smokehouse Burger*$11.39
Guacamole Burger*$9.69
Oldtimer® with Cheese*$8.89
Classic Bacon Burger*$9.99
Big Mouth® Bites$9.79

Burger Patty

100% Grass-Fed Beef Patty* (Add $1)Market Price
Classic Beef PattyMarket Price
2 Usda-Inspected Thin Beef PattiesMarket Price
All-Natural, 100% White Meat Turkey PattyMarket Price
Vegetarian Black Bean PattyMarket Price

Craft Burgers - Plus It Up

Cage-Free Fried Egg*$1.00
Terlingua Chili$1.00
Applewood Smoked Bacon$1.00
Avocado Slices$1.00
Upgrade Your Fries to Spiced Panko Onion Rings$1.00

Hand-Trimmed Steaks

Ancho-Crusted Sirloin*$12.59

Classic Steaks

Classic Sirloin*$11.89
Classic Ribeye*$17.99
Country-Fried Steak$11.49
Add Seared Shrimp$2.99

Baby Back Ribs

Choose Your Ribs

New Texas-Size 30% More Meat!Market Price
Original StyleMarket Price

Choose Your Sauce

House BbqMarket Price
OriginalMarket Price
Honey-ChipotleMarket Price
Dry RubMarket Price

Choose Your Plate

Full Order Or Mix & Match$18.49
Half Order$11.29

Smokehouse Combos

Smoked Bone-in Bbq Chicken BreastMarket Price
Jalapeño-Cheddar Smoked SausageMarket Price
Hand-Battered Chicken Crispers®Market Price
Half Rack of House-Smoked Baby Back Ribs (Add $2)Market Price

Sizzling Fajitas

Grilled Chicken$14.39
Grilled Steak$16.39
Seared Shrimp$16.39
Prime Rib$16.39
Mix & Match$16.39
Black Bean & Veggie Fajitas$14.39


Bacon Ranch Quesadillas$10.29

Hand-Battered Crispers®

Crispy Buffalo Bleu$10.99
Crispy Fiery Pepper$10.49
Crispy Honey-Chipotle$10.49
Honey-Chipotle Crispers® & Waffles$11.49
Cajun Pasta (Looks Like a Header)$12.49

Top Shelf Tacos

Prime Rib Tacos$11.29
Ranchero Chicken Tacos$9.79

Fresh Mex Bowls

Prime Rib Fresh Mex Bowl$11.29
Margarita Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl$9.89
Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl$9.89


Chicken Enchiladas$9.79

Lighter Choices

Margarita Grilled Chicken$11.69
Mango-Chile Chicken$10.49
Ancho Salmon$14.99
6 Oz. Classic Sirloin* with Grilled Avocado$12.29
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.59


Chicken Crispers®$10.39
Original Chicken Crispers$15.00
Crispy Chicken Crispers - 10 Count$15.00
Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers - 10 Count$15.00

Signature Sides

Roasted Street Corn$1.99
Fresh Asparagus & Garlic Roasted Tomatoes$1.99
Spiced Panko Onion Rings$1.99

Classic Sides

Quinoa & Wheatberry Blend$1.99
Skillet Mashed Potatoes$1.99
Mexican Rice$1.99
Homestyle Fries$1.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$1.99
Sweet Corn On the Cob$1.99
Loaded Mashed Potatoes$1.99
Black Beans$1.99
Add Seared Shrimp to Any Entree$2.99

Sweet Stuff

Salted Caramel Molten Cake$7.29
Triple Berry Crumble Cake$7.19
Molten Chocolate Cake$7.29
Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie^$6.99
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.49

$22 Dinner for 2

Share An Appetizer

2 House SaladsMarket Price
Fried Pickles (Not On to Go Menu)Market Price
Tostada Chips & SalsaMarket Price
Spiced Panko Onion RingsMarket Price
Half Order of Texas Cheese Fries (Not On to Go Menu)Market Price
Tostada Chips & Fresh Guacamole (Not On to Go Menu)Market Price

Select Two Full-Size Entrees

Grilled Chicken FajitasMarket Price
Bacon Ranch Chicken QuesadillasMarket Price
Classic Bacon Burger*Market Price
6 Oz. Classic Sirloin*Market Price
Half Rack of Original Baby Back RibsMarket Price
Margarita Grilled ChickenMarket Price
Mango-Chile ChickenMarket Price
Grilled Chicken SaladMarket Price
Cajun Chicken PastaMarket Price
Chicken Crispers®Market Price

$35 Dinner + Drinks

Enjoy Two Presidente Margaritas®Market Price
Share An AppetizerMarket Price
Select Two Full-Size EntreesMarket Price
Share a DessertMarket Price

Lunchtime Favorites


Santa Fe Crispers® Salad$10.39
Quesadilla Explosion Salad$10.89
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.99
Caribbean Salad$10.89
Bottomless Soup & Salad (Not On to Go Menu)$7.19

Lunch Combos

First Start Off Fresh

Fresco SaladMarket Price
House SaladMarket Price
Chicken Enchilada SoupMarket Price
Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Pdi South & Corporate Only)Market Price
Bowl of ChiliMarket Price
New England Clam Chowder (Pdi North Locations Only)Market Price

$6 in a Circle

Half Margarita Flatbread$6.00
Half Southwestern Blt$6.00

$7 in a Circle

Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas$7.00
Big Mouth® Bites (2)$7.00
Margarita Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl$7.00
Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl$7.00

$8 in a Circle

Lunch Double Burger$8.00
Lunch Chicken Fajitas$8.00
Half Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Ranchero Chicken Top Shelf Tacos (2)$8.00
Half California Turkey Club$8.00


Teas & Lemonades

Blackberry Iced TeaMarket Price
Mango Iced TeaMarket Price
Strawberry LemonadeMarket Price

Half Tea | Half Lemonade

StrawberryMarket Price
MangoMarket Price
RegularMarket Price

Just for Kids (to Go Menu)


Cheesy Chicken PastaMarket Price
Grilled Chicken DippersMarket Price
Crispy Chicken DippersMarket Price
Grilled Chicken BitesMarket Price
Cheeseburger BitesMarket Price
6" Cheese Or Pepperoni PizzaMarket Price
Grilled Cheese SandwichMarket Price
Cheese QuesadillaMarket Price
Kraft® Macaroni & CheeseMarket Price
Corn DogMarket Price
Blue LagoonMarket Price


Mandarin OrangesMarket Price
Corn On the CobMarket Price
Corn KernelsMarket Price
Steamed BroccoliMarket Price
Mashed PotatoesMarket Price
Citrus-Chile RiceMarket Price
Fresh PineappleMarket Price
Homestyle FriesMarket Price
Salad with RanchMarket Price
Celery SticksMarket Price


Coke®Market Price
Diet Coke®Market Price
Coke Zero®Market Price
Sprite®Market Price
Dr Pepper®Market Price
LemonadeMarket Price
MilkMarket Price
Chocolate MilkMarket Price
JuiceMarket Price
Strawberry LemonadeMarket Price
Ibc® Root BeerMarket Price

Party Favorites (to Go Menu)

Boneless Wings$17.00
Bone-in Wings$17.00
Chicken Crispers®$15.00

Bottomless Beverages

CokeMarket Price
Diet CokeMarket Price
Coke ZeroMarket Price
SpriteMarket Price
Dr PepperMarket Price
Minute Maid LemonadeMarket Price
Blackberry Iced TeaMarket Price
Mango Iced TeaMarket Price
Strawberry LemonadeMarket Price
Chili's Premium Blend CoffeeMarket Price

Bottled Beverages

DasaniMarket Price
Ibc Root BeerMarket Price

Bar Specials


Draft BeerMarket Price
Classic RitaMarket Price
Well/call/premium LiquorMarket Price
House WineMarket Price


Chips and Salsa$3.00
Crispy Cheddar Bites$3.00
Fresh Guacamole$4.00
Half Margherita Flatbread$4.00
Half Order Texas Cheese Fries$4.00
White Spinach Queso$5.00
Smoked Wings$5.00
Boneless Wings (All Flavors)$5.00
Southwestern Eggrolls$5.00
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