Mellow Mushroom

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Mellow Mushroom is an immersive experience of color, art, music and light, providing a delicious escape from the mundane.

Gluten Free

Specialty Pies

House SpecialMarket Price
Great WhiteMarket Price
Mighty MeatyMarket Price
Veg OutMarket Price
Kosmic KarmaMarket Price
CheeseMarket Price

Add Your Favorite Gluten-Free Ingredients:

Bases/saucesMarket Price
VeggiesMarket Price
CheesesMarket Price
ProteinsMarket Price

Kids Menu

10 and under


French Bread Cheese PizzaMarket Price
French Bread Pepperoni PizzaMarket Price
All Natural Macaroni & CheeseMarket Price
Meatball StacksMarket Price
Pretzel Dippers with Red SauceMarket Price


BroccoliMarket Price
AppleMarket Price


2% MilkMarket Price
Chocolate MilkMarket Price

Skinny Shroom

Enjoy the Mel-LOW side of our menu with these lighter options under 600 calories. Add a lil' House Salad (ask for 1 oz. of Lite Ranch dressing) for only 170 calories

Skinny Shroom

The CapriMarket Price
Stuffed PortobelloMarket Price
BruschettaMarket Price
Regular Greek SaladMarket Price
Lil' Caesar SaladMarket Price
Magic Mushroom SoupMarket Price
Oven Roasted WingsMarket Price
HummusMarket Price
Old School Jerk ChickenMarket Price
TempehMarket Price
TofuMarket Price
Chicken & CheeseMarket Price
Portobello & CheeseMarket Price
MeatballMarket Price
AvocadoMarket Price
CheeseMarket Price
Great WhiteMarket Price
Mega-VeggieMarket Price
Thai DyeMarket Price
Kosmic KarmaMarket Price
House SpecialMarket Price

Main Menu


Bruschetta Cal 100X5$7.25
Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Cal 150X2$7.75
Meatball Trio Cal 150X3$7.50
Magic Mushroom Soup Cal 360$5.75
Hummus Cal 210X4$7.00
Pretzel Bites Cal 340X4Market Price
Spinach Artichoke Dip Cal 180X4$7.75
Soup of the DayMarket Price


Garlic Butter and Parmesan Cal 270X3-290X6$5.25
Butter and Kosher Salt with Side of Mustard Cal 260X3-280X6$5.25

Oven Roasted Wings

Hot Cal 270-550$5.75
Mild Cal 370-740$5.75
Bbq Cal 330-660$5.75
Jerk Cal 280-560$5.75
Sweet Thai Chili Cal 370-740$5.75
Naked Cal 270-550$5.75
Served with Ranch Or Bleu Cheese Dressing Cal 200-400Market Price


Greek Salad Cal 170-340$5.75
Enlightened Spinach Salad Cal 400-800$5.50
House Salad Cal 90-180Market Price
Chef Salad Cal 150-310$6.00
Caesar Salad Cal 450-780$5.25
The Capri Cal 560$8.00
Choice of Salad Dressing Cal 80-480Market Price

Salads: Build It

Base Cal 20-40$4.50
Cheeses Cal 50-160$1.25
Specialty Cheeses Cal 60-120$2.00
Fruits & Veggies Cal 10-40$1.25
Specialty Fruits, Veggies & Nuts Cal 10-150$1.75
Proteins Cal 30-220$2.25
Specialty Proteins Cal 50-160$2.75
All-Natural Premium Proteins Cal 50-160$4.75

Pizza Pie Or Calzone

Cheese Pizza Cal 250X4-350X8$8.50
Cheese Calzone Cal 580X2$8.50
Veggie Supreme Calzone Cal 570X2Market Price

Pizza Pie: Build It

Base SaucesMarket Price
Cheeses Cal 10-40$1.50
Specialty Cheeses Cal 20-40$1.75
Fruits & Veggies Cal 10$1.25
Premium Fruits & Veggies Cal 10-40$1.50
Proteins Cal 10-80$1.50
Specialty Proteins Cal 20-30$2.75
All-Natural Premium Proteins Cal 20-80$4.00

Specialty Pizza Pies

Great White Cal 300X4-430X8$12.50
House Special Cal 360X4-480X8$13.00
Kosmic Karma Cal 350X4-430X8$12.50
Magical Mystery Tour Cal 320X4-460X8$12.00
Mighty Meaty Cal 380X4-510X8$13.00
Maui Wowie Cal 380X4-520X8$12.50
Mega-Veggie Cal 300X4-420X8$13.00
Funky Q. Chicken Cal 360X4-490X8$12.50
Loaded Potato Pie Cal 400X4-560X8$12.50
Thai Dye Cal 310X4-420X8$12.59
Holy Shiitake Pie Cal 360X4-480X8$12.50
Rib Eye Pie Cal 340X4-470X8Market Price
Buffalo Chicken Cal 380X4-540X8$12.50

Gluten Free Pie

House Special Cal 260X8Market Price
Veg Out Cal 170X8Market Price
Cheese Cal 160X8Market Price
Mighty Meaty Cal 280X8Market Price
Kosmic Karma Cal 220X8Market Price

Gluten Free Pie: Build It

Bases/saucesMarket Price
Veggies Cal 10-30Market Price
Cheeses Cal 20-30Market Price
Proteins Cal 10-30Market Price

Sandwiches: Hoagies, Pitas & Burgers

Meatball Cal 340-860$9.25
Steak & Cheese Cal 520-1220$9.75
Mushroom Club Cal 560-1030$9.75
Old School Jerk Cal 480-1000$10.00
Avocado Cal 240-980$9.25
Italian Cal 570-1210$9.25
Chicken & Cheese Cal 470-970$9.75
Spiked Sausage Cal 610-1400$9.50
Tempeh Cal 560-1250$8.75
Tofu Cal 470-1110$8.75
Portobello & Cheese Cal 480-1070$9.25
"Carnie" Half-Pound Pub Burger* Cal 1010Market Price
Roasted Potatoes Cal 120Market Price


Sundae Funday Cal 470X2Market Price
Giant Gourmet Cookie Cal 300X2Market Price
Mary Jane's Triple Chocolate Brownie Cal 300X2Market Price
Half Baked Brownie Supreme Cal 420X2Market Price


Coca-Cola Cal 230Market Price
Diet Coke Cal 0Market Price
Sprite Cal 270Market Price
Coca-Cola Zero Cal 0Market Price
Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Sweet & Unsweet Cal 210/0Market Price
Red Bull Cal 5/110Market Price

Bar Menu


The Rb MargaritaMarket Price
Mel's Crabbie MuleMarket Price
Sunset in ParadiseMarket Price
Hendrick's RefresherMarket Price
Blue Moon RisingMarket Price
Kentucky CollinsMarket Price

Wine and Beer

White Wines

Canyon RoadMarket Price
Chardonnay - California Chateau Ste. MichelleMarket Price
Riesling – Columbia ValleyMarket Price
Wash. Kim CrawfordMarket Price
Sauvignon Blanc – MarlboroughMarket Price
New Zealand Santa Julia [+]Market Price
Pinot Grigio - MendozaMarket Price
Argentina William HillMarket Price
Chardonnay - Central CoastMarket Price
California Sonoma CutrerMarket Price
RrrMarket Price
Chardonnay – Sonoma CoastMarket Price
CaliforniaMarket Price

Red Wines

Canyon RoadMarket Price
Cabernet Sauvignon – California Soul SisterMarket Price
Pinot Noir – Central CoastMarket Price
California MeiomiMarket Price
Pinot Noir – California 14 HandsMarket Price
Merlot – Columbia ValleyMarket Price
Washington the Dreaming Tree "Crush"Market Price
Blend – North CoastMarket Price
California Louis M. MartiniMarket Price
Cabernet Sauvignon – California Smith & HookMarket Price
Cabernet Sauvignon – Central Coast, CaliforniaMarket Price


BeerMarket Price

Vegan Favorites

Vegan Favorites


PretzelsMarket Price
HummusMarket Price


Greek SaladMarket Price
Enlightened Spinach SaladMarket Price
Tossed SaladMarket Price

Pizzas & Calzones

Mega-Veggie PizzaMarket Price
Thai Dye PizzaMarket Price
Gluten Free Veg Out PizzaMarket Price
Build Your Own PizzaMarket Price
House CalzoneMarket Price


AvocadoMarket Price
TofuMarket Price
TempehMarket Price