Molly MacPhersons Scottish Pub

  (912) 239-9600

 311 W Congress St,Savannah, GA 31401


 Mon–Sat 11:00 AM–3:00 AM

Molly MacPhersons is the only authentic SCOTTISH Pub in Savannah.

Food Menu

Wee Plates

Scottish Meat Pies$8.00
Guinness Onion Rings$7.00
Cheese Board$12.00
Irish Spring Rolls$9.00
Peel & Eat Shrimp$9.00
Mac & Cheese Bites$6.00
Crab Cakes$12.00
Boom-Boom Shrimp$8.00
Tempura Asparagus$6.00
Scotch Eggs$8.00
Scottish Sausage Rolls$8.00
Scottish Combo$12.00
Tennents Beer Cheese Dip$7.00
Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna*$10.00
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$8.50
Fried Green Tomatoes$8.00
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.00


Classic Reuben Sandwich$10.00
Islay Chicken Sandwich$9.00
Molly's Favorite$9.00
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato$7.00
Buffalo Chicken Flat Bread$9.00
Macpherson's Club$10.50
Scottish Highland Toastie$9.00
Atlantic Haddock Sandwich$10.00
Chicken Salad Sandwich$9.00
Spinach, Mushroom, Feta Flat Bread$10.00

Soups & Salads

Cock-a-Leeky Soup$4.00
Scotch Broth$4.00
St. Andrew's Steak & Spinach Salad*$11.50
Red, White & Blue Salad$10.00
Stirling Salad$6.00
Highland Salad$6.00
Classic Caesar$5.00
Garden Salad$5.00

Pub Fare

Bangers & Mash$10.00
Scottish Meatloaf$11.50
Lamb & Rosemary Pie$14.00
Chicken Pot Pie$11.00
Pasta Primavera$11.00
Grilled Pork Shank$17.00
Steak & Guinness Stew$11.00
Shepherd's Pie$11.00
Fish & Chips$11.00
Hand Cut Ny Strip*$22.00
Herb Crusted Atlantic Salmon$18.00
Roasted Thistle Chicken$13.00
Pan Seared Grouper$16.00
Chicken Tenders$9.00
Corned Beef & Potatoes$12.00

Burgers & Sliders

Blackwatch Burger*$10.00
Braveheart Burger*$11.00
Bbq Cheddar Burger*$11.00
Scotch Egg Burger*$12.00
Veggie Burger$8.00
Lamb Sliders$12.00
Crab Sliders*$12.00
Meatloaf Sliders$10.00


Sticky Toffee Pudding$5.50
Bread Pudding$5.50
Brownie & Ice Cream$5.00
Vanilla Ice Cream$3.50

Wee Ones

Grilled Cheese$5.00
Kid Fingers$5.00
Mac & Cheese & Hot Dog$5.00
Kids Mini Pizza$4.00
Pasta & Sauce$4.00
Peanut Butter & Jelly$5.00

Featured Drinks

CokeMarket Price
DietMarket Price
SpriteMarket Price
Cherry CokeMarket Price
Coke ZeroMarket Price
PoweradeMarket Price
RootbeerMarket Price
LemonadeMarket Price

Drinks Menu


DrinksMarket Price
WhiskyMarket Price
FlightsMarket Price
Beer & WineMarket Price



Aberfeldy 12 YrMarket Price
Aberfeldy 21 Yr.Market Price
Aberfeldy - Cheiftans 13 Yr.Market Price
Ardmore - Traditional CaskMarket Price
Balblair 10 Yr.Market Price
Balblair 1991Market Price
Blair Athol 12 Yr.Market Price
Ben Nevis 10 Yr.Market Price
Clynelish 14 Yr.Market Price
Clynelish - Distillers EditionMarket Price
Dalmore 12 Yr.Market Price
Dalmore 15 Yr.Market Price
Dalmore 18 Yr.Market Price
Dalmore - Cigar MaltMarket Price
Dalmore - King AlexanderMarket Price
Dalmore - TayMarket Price
Dalmore - TweedMarket Price
Dalwhinnie 15 Yr.Market Price
Deanston - LimitedMarket Price
Deanston - Virgin OakMarket Price
GlendronachMarket Price
Glen Garioch 12 Yr.Market Price
Glen Garioch 1797 Founder ReserveMarket Price
Glengoyne 10 Yr.Market Price
Glengoyne 18 Yr.Market Price
Glenmorangie 10 Yr.Market Price
Glenmorangie 18 Yr. SelectMarket Price
Glenmorangie - LasagnaMarket Price
Glenmorangie - Quinta RuebenMarket Price
Glenmorangie - Nectar D'orMarket Price
Glenmorangie - SignetMarket Price
Glenmorangie - TusailMarket Price
Glenmorangie - EleganceMarket Price
Oban 14 Yr.Market Price
Old Pulteney 12 Yr.Market Price
Old Pulteney 30 Yr.Market Price
Tomatin 12 Yr.Market Price


Ardbeg 10 Yr.Market Price
Ardbeg - AlligatorMarket Price
Ardbeg - AuriverdesMarket Price
Ardbeg - CorreyvreckanMarket Price
Ardbeg - SupernovaMarket Price
Ardbeg - UigedailMarket Price
Bowmore - Small ReserveMarket Price
Bowmore 11 Yr. Murray McdavidMarket Price
Bowmore 12 Yr.Market Price
Bowmore 15 Yr. DarkestMarket Price
Bowmore 18 Yr.Market Price
Bowmore - Dorus MorMarket Price
Bruichladdich - ValhallaMarket Price
Bruichladdich - RocksMarket Price
Bruichladdich 20 Yr.Market Price
Bruichladdich 23 Yr. Black ArtMarket Price
Bruichladdich - OctomoreMarket Price
Bruichladdich - Scottish BarleyMarket Price
Bruichladdich - Islay BarleyMarket Price
Bruichladdich - Port CharlotteMarket Price
Caol Ila 12 Yr.Market Price
Caol Ila 1999 12 Yr.Market Price
Caol Ila 2000 CaskMarket Price
Caol Ila - MochMarket Price
Caol Ila - Distillers EditionMarket Price
Caol Ila - Natural CaskMarket Price
Kilchoman - Machir BayMarket Price
Kilchoman - Loch GromMarket Price
Kilchoman - Sprimg 2011Market Price
Kilchoman 100% IslayMarket Price
Laguvalin 16 Yr.Market Price
Laguvalin - Distillers EditionMarket Price
Laphroaig 10 Yr.Market Price
Laphroaig 10 Yr. CaskMarket Price
Laphroaig 15 Yr. LimitedMarket Price
Laphroaig 15 Yr. 200 AnniversaryMarket Price
Laphroaig 18 YrMarket Price
Laphroaig 1/4 CaskMarket Price
Laphroaig 29.68 Whisky SocietyMarket Price
Laphroaig - Triple WoodMarket Price


Auchentoshan 12 Yr.Market Price
Auchentoshan 18 Yr.Market Price
Auchentoshan 21 Yr.Market Price
Auchentoshan - American OakMarket Price
Auchentoshan 3 WoodMarket Price
Auchentoshan - ValniceMarket Price
Glenkinchie 12 Yr.Market Price
Springbank 10 Yr.Market Price
Springbank 18 Yr.Market Price

Single Malt Private Bottling

Speyside RegionMarket Price
LismoreMarket Price
Lismore 15 Yr.Market Price
Lismore 18 Yr.Market Price
Lismore 21 Yr. LegendMarket Price
Muirhead's - Silver Seal 12 Yr.Market Price
Muirhead's - Silver Seal 16 Yr.Market Price
Muirhead's - Silver Seal 20 Yr.Market Price
Highland RegionMarket Price
Grangestone 21 Yr.Market Price
VattedMarket Price
Compass Box - AsylaMarket Price
Compass Box - the Peat MonsterMarket Price
Compass Box - Peat Monster 10ThMarket Price
Compass Box - HedonismMarket Price
Compass Box - EleutheraMarket Price
Compass Box - Great King StreetMarket Price

Irish Whiskey & Blends

Bushmills - OriginalMarket Price
Bushmills 10 Yr.Market Price
Bushmills - BlackMarket Price
Bushmills 1608 AnniversaryMarket Price
Jameson - OriginalMarket Price
Jameson 12 Yr.Market Price
Jameson - Black BarrelMarket Price
Jameson - CaskmateMarket Price
Green SpotMarket Price
Yellow SpotMarket Price
Red Breast - 12 Yr.Market Price
Red Breast - 15 Yr.Market Price
Midleton - RareMarket Price
Paddy's - Devils AppleMarket Price
Paddy's - Old IrishMarket Price
Powers - GoldMarket Price
Tullamore DewMarket Price
Buchanans 12 Yr.Market Price
Chivas 12 Yr.Market Price
Chivas 18 Yr.Market Price
Cutty Sark - ProhibitionMarket Price
Dewars - White LabelMarket Price
Dewars 12 Yr.Market Price
Dewars 15 Yr.Market Price
Dewars - SignatureMarket Price
Dewars - Scratched CaskMarket Price
Famous Grouse - OriginalMarket Price
Famous Grouse - Black BarrelMarket Price
Johnny Walker - RedMarket Price
Johnny Walker - BlackMarket Price
Johnny Walker - Double BlackMarket Price
Johnny Walker - GoldMarket Price
Johnny Walker - PlatinumMarket Price
Johnny Walker - BlueMarket Price
Johnny Walker - RyeMarket Price
Johnny Walker - SwingMarket Price
Johnny Walker - Pure MaltMarket Price
Robert BurnsMarket Price
Poit Dhubh 12 Yr.Market Price
Poit Dhubh 21 Yr.Market Price
Weymss - Spice KingMarket Price
Weymss - Spice BlendMarket Price
William LawsonMarket Price
Molly's House Blend 1 Part Lagavulin 16 Yr.Market Price
Molly's House Blend 1 Part Tomatin 12 Yr.Market Price
Molly's House Blend 2 Part Bruichladdich 10 Yr.Market Price
Molly's House Blend - Aged for 7 Months in New OakMarket Price


AsylaMarket Price


Yamazaki 12 Yr.Market Price
Yamazaki 18 Yr.Market Price


Aberlour 12 Yr.Market Price
Speyside 16 Yr.Market Price
Speyside - A'bunadhMarket Price
The Balvenie 12 Yr. Double WoodMarket Price
The Balvenie 14 Yr. CaribbeanMarket Price
The Balvenie 15 Yr. Single BarrelMarket Price
The Balvenie 15 Yr. SherryMarket Price
The Balvenie 17 Yr. SeatedMarket Price
The Balvenie 17 Yr. Double WoodMarket Price
The Balvenie 21 Yr. PortMarket Price
Benromach 10 Yr.Market Price
Benromach - OrganicMarket Price
Benromach - PeatMarket Price
Benromach - SassicaiaMarket Price
Cardhu 12 Yr.Market Price
Craigellachie 13 Yr.Market Price
Glenburgie 15 Yr.Market Price
Glenfarclas 12 Yr.Market Price
Glenfarclas 17 Yr.Market Price
Glenfarclas 21 Yr.Market Price
Glenfarclas 25 Yr.Market Price
Glenfarclas 105 CaskMarket Price
Glenfiddich 12 Yr.Market Price
Glenfiddich 15 Yr. SoleraMarket Price
Glenfiddich 18Market Price
Glenfiddich 21 Yr.Market Price
Glenfiddich - Malt MasterMarket Price
Glenfiddich - Cask of DreamsMarket Price
Glen Grant 12 Yr.Market Price
The Glenlivet 12 Yr.Market Price
The Glenlivet 15 Yr.Market Price
The Glenlivet 16 Yr. NadurraMarket Price
The Glenlivet 18 Yr.Market Price
The Glenlivet 21 Yr. ArchiveMarket Price
The Glenlivet 25 Yr.Market Price
The Glenlivet - Founders ReserveMarket Price
The Glenlivet - Nadurra First Fill WhiteMarket Price
The Glenlivet - Nadurra OlorosoMarket Price
Glen Moray 12 Yr.Market Price
Glenrothes - Select ReserveMarket Price
Glenrothes 1992 MortimoreMarket Price
Glenrothes 1995Market Price
Glenrothes 1998Market Price
Glenrothes 30 Yr.Market Price
Longmorn 12 Yr.Market Price
Longmorn 16 Yr.Market Price
The Macallan 10 Yr. Fine OakMarket Price
The Macallan 12 Yr.Market Price
The Macallan 15 Yr. Fine OakMarket Price
The Macallan 17 Yr. Fine OakMarket Price
The Macallan 18 Yr.Market Price
The Macallan 21 Yr. Fine OakMarket Price
The Macallan 25 Yr.Market Price
The Macallan - Rare CaskMarket Price
Mortlach - Rare OldMarket Price
Singleton - GlendullenMarket Price
Cragganmore 12 Yr.Market Price

Islands Whisky

Isle of ArranMarket Price
Arran 10 Yr.Market Price
Arran 14 Yr.Market Price
Arran - AmoroneMarket Price
Arran - PortMarket Price
Arran - SherryMarket Price
Arran - BourbonMarket Price
Arran - CognacMarket Price
Arran - PomerolMarket Price
Arran - Devils PunchbowlMarket Price
Arran - SautersMarket Price
Isle of JuraMarket Price
Jura 12 YrMarket Price
Jura 16 YrMarket Price
Jura - SuperstitionMarket Price
Isle of MullMarket Price
Ledaig 16 Yr.Market Price
Isle of SkyeMarket Price
Talisker 10 Yr.Market Price
Talisker 18 Yr.Market Price
Talisker 25 Yr.Market Price
Talisker - StormMarket Price
Talisker - Distillers EditionMarket Price
Orkney IslandMarket Price
Highland Park 12 Yr.Market Price
Highland Park 15 Yr.Market Price
Highland Park 18 Yr.Market Price
Highland Park - FreyaMarket Price
Highland Park 1989 SamaraiMarket Price
Highland Park - Dark OriginsMarket Price
Scapa 15 Yr.Market Price
Scapa 16 Yr.Market Price

Worldly Single Malt

AmericanMarket Price
Mccarthy'sMarket Price
JapaneseMarket Price
Nikka - CoffeyMarket Price
Nikka - MiyagikyouMarket Price
Nikka - Pure MaltMarket Price
Yamasaki 12 Yr.Market Price
Yamasaki 18 Yr.Market Price
IrelandMarket Price
Glendalough 7 Yr.Market Price
Glendalough - Double BarrelMarket Price

Scotch Flights

Starter Flight - Laphroaig 10 Yr.Market Price
Starter Flight - Cragganmore 12 Yr.Market Price
Starter Flight - Auchentoshan ClassicMarket Price
Starter Flight - Highland Park 12 Yr.Market Price
Starter Flight - Glenmorangie 10 Yr.Market Price
Islay Flight - Bunnahabhain 12Market Price
Islay Flight - Caol Ila 12Market Price
Islay Flight - Bowmore 12Market Price
Islay Flight - Ardbeg 10Market Price
Islay Flight - Lagavulin 16Market Price
Island Flight - Arran 10Market Price
Island Flight - Isle of Jura 10Market Price
Island Flight - Kilchoman Machir BayMarket Price
Island Flight - Highland Park 12Market Price
Island Flight - Talisker 10Market Price
Highland Flight - Dalmore 12Market Price
Highland Flight - Glen Garioch 12Market Price
Highland Flight - Glenmorangie LasantaMarket Price
Highland Flight - Glengoyne 10Market Price
Highland Flight - Oban 14Market Price
Speyside Flight - the Glenlivit 12Market Price
Speyside Flight - Glengiddich 12Market Price
Speyside Flight - Macallan 12Market Price
Speyside Flight - Balvenie Doublewood 12Market Price
Speyside Flight - Cardhu 12Market Price
Bartender's Flight - Glenfarclas 12Market Price
Bartender's Flight - Auchentoshan 3 WoodMarket Price
Bartender's Flight - Dalwhinnie 15Market Price
Bartender's Flight - Scapa 16Market Price
Bartender's Flight - Aberlour A'bundahMarket Price
Finely Aged - Macallan 18Market Price
Finely Aged - Balvenie Portwood 21Market Price
Finely Aged - Glenmorangie Select 18Market Price
Finely Aged - the Glenlivet 21Market Price
Finely Aged - Laphroaig 18Market Price
Cory's Flight - Glendronach 15Market Price
Cory's Flight - the Dalmore 15Market Price
Cory's Flight - Blavenie Doublewood 17Market Price
Cory's Flight - Ledaig 16Market Price
Cory's Flight - Highland Park 18Market Price

American Bourbon and Whiskey

Basil HaydenMarket Price
Bulliet - BourbonMarket Price
Bulliet - RyeMarket Price
Bulliet 10 Yr.Market Price
BlantonsMarket Price
BookersMarket Price
Buffalo TraceMarket Price
Charred Oak - BourbonMarket Price
Charred Oak - RyeMarket Price
FireballMarket Price
Jack Daniels - Old No. 7Market Price
Jack Daniels - FireMarket Price
Jim Beam - BourbonMarket Price
Jim Beam - Devils CutMarket Price
Jim Beam - FireMarket Price
Jim Beam - HoneyMarket Price
Knob Creek - BourbonMarket Price
Knob Creek - RyeMarket Price
Knob Creek - Single BarrelMarket Price
Makers MarkMarket Price
Southern ComfortMarket Price
WoodfordMarket Price
Wild Turkey - 101Market Price
Wild Turkey - HoneyMarket Price
Wild Turkey - ForgivenMarket Price

Canadian Whisky

Crown RoyalMarket Price
Canadian ClubMarket Price
Seagram's 7Market Price
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