Thai Tradition with a Tasteful Touch

I was in the mood for something yummy, warm, comforting and at the same time a bit healthy, Ruan Thai Cuisine seemed to be the perfect choice. Living 1.4 miles from the restaurant I am not sure why I decided to drive that night because parking became an adventure. I probably spent more time finding parking than I would have had I walked. Needless to say it was nice to open the restaurant doors and smell spices preparing what I’d hope to be good food.The restaurant has dim lighting which offers a cozy feel. The main floor seating consists of booths along the red textured walls and the center offers table seating to accommodate bigger parties.  I was seated immediately in a table by the windows, I love these window tables because it gives you the perfect restaurant view on one side and on the other you have a view of what’s going on in Broughton Street.filename-img-0822-jpg
While I waited for the rest of my party to arrive I decided to order the Combinations Plate as an appetizer ($12.) It has a little bit of everything and is big enough to share, you just can’t go wrong there. The Satay Skewers dipped in peanut sauce were my favorite on that Plate it was so good that by the time my party got there was no more Satay left on the Combination Plate (but they did not know that) The chicken was tender and very well marinated, maybe next time I will just order the Chicken Satay skewers as an appetizer.

To start I had to Tom Yum Soup ($4.94) with shrimp. It is a hot and spicy soup with mushrooms, onion, tomato and cilantro. The soup warms you right up on a cool night. I continued with the Sliced grilled sirloin tossed in chili salad $9.95 it had red onions, basil, Thai herbs, cilantro, cabbage and lime juice. I love this salad because its light yet filling and the flavors the ingredients create are refreshing. I would however ask them to go easy on the red onions next time because after my third bite they did seem to dominate the other tastes.

For the main entrée I picked the Pad Po Tak ($19.95) it has shrimp, mussels, scallops and
fish served with bell pepper, onion, basil and rice. I figured I could not go wrong having those many sea food ingredients on one dish and I was not wrong. The dish came and the rice was a combination of black and white rice carefully crafted in the shape on a heart. I thought that was very creative and loved the detail. The mixture of all the sea food on the dish went very well together and I absolutely recommend it for all the seafood lovers.

To drink I had a cold Thai tea or “cha-yen” it is a drink made from strongly-brewed ceylon tea. This tea is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served chilled.  I always have this when I am in any Thai restaurant.

Thai Tea

Overall the service was great and attentive, the place is accommodating and I look forward to my next visit.

Ruan Thai Cuisine


17 West Broughton Street  Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 231-6667


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